Before you buy beach condo- things to consider

750 Words- Before you buy beach condo- things to consider

Imagine the sound of the sea waves gushing right into your window, the soft touch of cool breeze touching your body and the sea fragrance! Sounds just perfect for all the beach lovers. Many of you more often than not dream of having a beach condo, but at the same time realize that it is no walk in the sand.

But this article is here to your rescue. We bring to you guidelines and things that one should consider before looking out for Diego ocean view condos for sale. With appropriate research and the right amount of knowledge, your dream can be achieved with success and grace. So let’s get started.

It is an essential piece of information that each one should know- beach front properties come with own set of shortcomings and problems as compared to inland properties. So whether you want to buy a beach house for investment purpose or otherwise it is better to study in depth the mistakes that one must avoid before diving into the beach!

  • Is the Construction & Foundation strong enough- This should probably be the first and foremost thing on your checklist for a beach condo. Does the construction and foundation adhere to the safety standards? Is the house weather-proof, given the proximity to the beach? In case of flood-prone areas consider buying a condo built on stilts. As per the FEMA, concrete is considered as the best building material for beach front houses. So, make sure you find out all of this info before plunging in.
  • Budget and more Budget Do not get carried away with the glitter and come to terms with the real life situation. A property may seem perfect, but if it does not fit your budget, sit back, and think over. Don’t rush into taking loans and then regret it forever. Along with the mortgage cost also calculate the repairs and revamping cost that you will have to spend. As beach condos are constantly exposed to salty air and hurricane-force winds.
  • Consult a real estate agent If you are looking out for ocean beach condos for sale consider taking help from an expert. A real estate agent will be the best one to guide you through this. He can suggest you properties in various locations and also help you in finding the right suited for you. His knowledge and experience will help you in knowing the pros and cons of each property and thus, save you from making a wrong decision.
  • How flood prone is the area You need to also find out how prone is the area to floods and storms. You surely wouldn’t want to invest in a place which is hit by flood/storm often. Make sure that flood-resistant materials have been used and also consider taking flood insurance, just to make sure you are secured. Also find out if the house is located on an upward hill or an elevated slope so as to prevent floods during heavy downpour.
  • Professional Inspection Even though you may have found out from zillions of places, it is always advisable to carry out a professional inspection of the beach house regarding the safety and strength of the same. A geological surveyor or local building and conservation agency should be the best suited for this job. Make sure to get the stability/strength of the house examined. Beach houses faces more wear and tear given the surrounding and hence check for troubles like rust and molds, plumbing and ventilation.
  • Insurance- The most common mistake committed by house buyers is giving less weightage to insurance. Most of the owners may rent out the property for some part of the year. And hence do not give importance to insurance. Although you may be paying a hefty amount on the homeowners insurance, considering the locality one might have to supplement it with hurricane coverage. Not to forget the windstorm and flood policies. It may hit hard on your pocket, but when disaster strikes, you will be more than happy to have spent. So stay safe and take insurance.
  • Long term gain Don’t just buy a beach condo because you wanted to have an investment. Know about the long term appreciation and returns before you make the big decision. If there is not much chances of appreciation and a good resale value, then you definitely need to rethink about your decision.

Hope this article will help you in buying your dream beach front condo. So, think good and take the righteous decision.

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