Alsace Milk, the Coopérative des gourmets

Alsace Milk

The Coopérative Alsace Lait was created in 1979 by the merger of the Centrale Dairy in Strasbourg, created in 1915, with four dairy cooperatives in the region.

The Cooperative Alsace Lait now includes nearly 300 Alsatian milk producers located at an average distance of 60 km around the dairy based in Hoerdt. These dairy producers supply Hoerdt’s milk production site on a daily basis and are involved in the operation and results of the dairy cooperative.
In 2009, the Alsace Lait Cooperative expanded with the acquisition of the company Savoie Yaourt located in Aix les Bains. Savoie Yaourt is an expert in the transformation of milk into quality yoghurts. Like Alsace Lait , Savoie Yaourt benefits from a strong regional roots and is known for the quality of its products, which guarantee a family flavor and know-how.


  • The big dates of Alsace Milk
  • A cooperative spirit that makes all the difference
  • Governance of the Cooperative
  • A complete mastery of the sector and a recognized know-how
  • The key figures of the Coopérative Alsace Lait
  • Our subsidiary Savoie Yaourt


  • 1915: Creation of the Central Dairy of Strasbourg (LCS): 1st dairy of France to systematically carry out pasteurization of milk.
  • 1950: Creation of Savoy Yaourt by a Savoyard family in Aix-les-Bains.
  • 1979: Birth of the Cooperative Alsace Milk following the regrouping of the LCS and 4 cooperatives of the region: Central Dairy Cooperative of Haguenau, Dairy Cooperatives of Berstett, Molsheim and Riedseltz.
  • 1986: Construction of the Hoerdt production site (20 km from Strasbourg).
  • 1986: The Cooperative Alsace Lait launches fresh high-quality milk.
  • 1996: Obtaining the Red Label for Fluid Cream from Alsace, the only one in France to benefit from this quality label.
  • 2001: Reconstruction of the Hoerdt plant after the fire in 2000: it becomes the most modern plant in Europe.
  • 2009: The family business Savoie Yaourt, based in Aix les Bains, is bought by Cooperative Alsace Lait; This allows both entities to share expertise and love of dairy products.

1915-2015: 100 years of expertise in the processing of milk



Alsace-milk-truck Alsatian village

The cooperative is rich in the pooling of personalities and complementary know-how.

We are present in 170 Alsatian villages, close to 300 producers supply their cooperative daily: their presence and their activity contribute strongly to maintain a real dynamic in our villages and to favor the balance town-countryside that contributes to the quality of life of our region.

The Values ​​of the Cooperative Alsace Milk

  • Our raison d’être: To ensure the sustainability and development of the farms of our producer-members.
  • Our slogan: “Movement is the principle of all life” – Leonardo da Vinci
  • Our business: Transform and enhance milk and its components by integrating and controlling, preferably, the processing and marketing phases.
  • A common denominator for our action: Milk
  • Our values: We are convinced that any relationship can only be sustainable if it is based on honest (Integrity) and sincere (Franchise) behavior , if we treat with respect and respect (Respect) all the partners accompanying or supporting the ” In our project and vice versa, if we confront the tests with firmness and strength of character (Courage) , if our level of individual and collective satisfaction is difficult to satisfy (Requirement) .


Alsace Lait is the only independent dairy cooperative in eastern France. We are committed to maintaining our autonomy in order to preserve and develop the agricultural dimension of our region.
Each producer participates in the election of the members of the board of directors of the cooperative , themselves producers of milk and members of the cooperative . Each of them is thus associated with the processing of the milk that it supplies and remains strongly involved in the success of the Cooperative Alsace Lait of which it holds a share of the capital.

The President of the Coopérative Alsace Lait comes from the agricultural world and works in pairs with the General Manager . Both of them animate the board of directors.

The Board of Directors is involved in the management of the Coopérative AlsaceLait: it takes the major decisions of the company and guides its development.

The members of the board of directors are also involved in the management of the milk processing site in Hoerdt and guarantee the investments made to optimize the production tool, support the research and development of new textures and tastes, Development of new products.

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