Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC)

Diploma of Collegial

Maisonneuve offers two profiles in accounting and management. After a four-session core session, during which you become familiar with accounting and inventory and inventory management, you will be able to choose between:

  • Financial management;
  • Human resources management (exclusive to Maisonneuve).

During your training, you will learn:

  • Accountability
    • Know the different accounting and control systems:
      • Accounting simulations, production and simulation of financial statements, taxation;
      • Use and implementation of specialized software;
      • Tax clinic.
  • Management
    • Know the role of the manager and the tasks related to technical support:
      • Constitution and use of data bank;
      • Product testing;
      • Creation of business projects.
  • The mastery of tools
    • Knowledge of operating systems, use of statistical methods, sources of economic law and information, and skill development in English:
      • Research and legal presentations;
      • Economic analysis;
      • Applied work in English;
      • Use of software.
  • Knowledge of the environment
    • Making meetings and relevant experiences:
      • Conference of specialists;
      • Four-week internship.

Student Business Club

You will be able to develop your entrepreneurial potential through training activities, seminars, intercollegiate meetings and promote entrepreneurial values ​​to college students by becoming a member of the Student Entrepreneur Club .

Help Center

Maisonneuve supports its students in the implementation of their learning. As a student, you can count on the help of teachers and professionals.

Internship in company

Mandatory internship of four weeks in the 6 th session.

Stays and stays abroad

You will have the opportunity to participate in several courses and optional stays.

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