How to Get Anabolics Legally In the US

Get Anabolics Legally In the US

Outside of medical use, anabolic steroids aren’t legally available in the US. Not all anabolic steroids are available as well. The long and short of it is that one needs to have a prescription in order to get certain types of steroids. Other types though aren’t available in any way, for one reason or another.

Generally, steroids are a Schedule III substance. That means making, selling or distributing them in any way is normally prohibited in the US. However, there are certain cases wherein steroids might have to be used. In such cases, prescription must be obtained and use is heavily monitored by a licensed physician.

Legal Steroids Available

That being said, what are the legal steroids available in the US? Although not exactly a steroid in itself, testosterone is legally available. Testosterone can be used by those who are into testosterone therapy. Another steroid that is available is Anadrol. This is used by people who have severe muscle wasting and/or severe osteoporosis. Another that could be used with prescription is Anavar. It is also used to treat muscle wasting and osteoporosis.

Many of the steroids used for prescription are for muscle wasting diseases. Deca-Durabolin for instance is another steroid used for that condition. Halotestin is one that is used for severe androgen deficiency.

As can be seen, most of these steroids are used to counteract severe muscle wasting. It is no wonder why they are popular for a number of bodybuilders, since they promote muscle growth. This is the main reason why steroid use remains popular for many bodybuilders, even though the risks are also there.

Risks in Taking Steroids

While taking steroids might be great in building muscle, it comes at a cost. Many steroids are toxic for the liver. Oral steroids are very toxic for the liver, though injectables are just as toxic. Many steroids as well can elevate LDL cholesterol, often known as the bad cholesterol. This makes a person more prone to stroke and heart disease. It is also known that steroids can shut down testosterone production.

Even the mildest forms of steroid carry these risks. Of course, the degree with which the risks come depends also on how strong the steroid is. In general though, people who are taking steroids should observe proper post cycle therapy (PCT) in order to minimize some of the risks.

Alternatives to Steroids

Because of the legal implications in steroid use, there are now alternatives to steroids coming out. Some of them are natural, while others claim to possess the qualities of steroids but not its side effects. Some of them have some effect, while others have questionable effectiveness. Most bodybuilders would not take these alternatives since they feel that they aren’t as effective as actual steroids.

It all comes down to the person really on whether to use legal anabolics in the US for performance purposes. Knowing the risks at least should be made before making an attempt. It would mean a big difference from knowing the limits to just taking things without knowing what its effects are.

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