How to stay young and healthy on a daily basis

How to stay young

A balanced and responsible diet

It is on our plate that our best ally would be to remain young and healthy . In order for food to retain its beneficial role on the body, a few basic rules must be followed.
1) Eat less . We usually eat too much, see too much. Reducing the food intake means reducing the speed of metabolic reactions, that is, the work of the body. It is thus less crowded and less fatiguing.

2) Avoid quick sugars . Remember that we store little sugar in our body and as a result, any excess turns into fat. Moreover, a badly regulated sugar level induces the appearance of the metabolic syndrome .

3) Decrease your intake of fatty meats, cheese and butter . Indeed, they are rich in omega 6 fatty acids, precursor of various mediators that have the triple effect of maintaining inflammation, To reduce the fluidity of the blood and to restrict the arteries. Moreover, the excess of animal fats is one of the responsible for the appearance of the metabolic syndrome.

4) To counteract the excess omega 6, bring enough omega 3 fatty acids to your body , which we are often largely deficient in. Rapeseed, soybean and nut oils are rich. These omega 3 fatty acids have opposite effects to those of omega 6. They fight against inflammation, promote blood thinning and dilate the arteries. It is in fish oil that one finds the most active omega 3 fatty acids, especially the famous DHA and EPA.

5) Prefer vegetal protein intake . Meat and cheese, If rich in protein , are also too rich in animal fats. In addition, animal proteins generate homocysteine, a major cardiovascular risk factor. Limit your consumption of meat and cheese. Have a little white meat (poultry) and fresh cheese. Vegetable proteins contain less methionine than meat and therefore produce less homocysteine. They also do not contain saturated fats. Beans and lentils are a good source of protein. Fermented soybean in the form of tofu, mixed with vegetables, is an excellent food.

6) Make fruits and vegetables the basis of your healthy diet . They contain a lot of fibers that facilitate the transit , slow the absorption of fats and sugars, regulate the feeling of hunger. In addition, fruits and vegetables are the most important source of bio-assimilable mineral salts and trace elements . Prefer them from organic farming. Indeed, numerous studies have shown the harmful effects of pesticides used in non-organic agriculture, which would be in particular hormonal disruptors.

7) What we drink is as important as what we eat because we are made up of 70% water. As we age, we tend to lose water. Proper hydration is a simple way to stay young. Drink water or infusions at will, during and outside meals. A glass of red wine with meals (not more) is quite compatible with good health, especially since the red wine contains the famous resveratrol, biological protector of first order, as we will see.

Healthy Living

To stay young and healthy, it is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To help you, the best advice is to practice regular physical activity. Our body is made to move. It is movement that stimulates us, maintains our muscles, strengthens our skeleton, accelerates blood flow and strengthens our mood. Adopting regular physical activity, even moderate, is therefore essential to stay young and healthy. She allows to :

– fighting stress by venting the mind,
– reducing cardiovascular risks ,
– reducing the risk of osteoporosis ,
– decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome ,
– improving sleep quality .

30 to 60 minutes per day of practice are a good measure. Choose an activity that makes you happy. Walking will be for many the most economic activity and also the one that provides the most pleasure. Walking is also a time of reflection and mental relaxation beneficial to the mind. By its very physiological rhythm, it constitutes an excellent anti-stress cure and facilitates the sleep.

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