Important Information Regarding QR Code Scanners for Retail Users

Important Information Regarding QR Code Scanners for Retail Users

With Paytm QR code being one of the most popular way of doing transactions in online and offline means, significance of QR code scanner is greatly gaining important. Retail stores are quite emphatically using these scanners to make the experience of those buyers who do not like carrying cash easier. In all such transactions, role of such scanner is very important. Different information regarding QR code scanner that is important for retail users are:

Corded Scanning 

  • It is a simplest types of QR scanning that a small shop could use
  • It includes a low cost scanner possibly that needs near contact touch to the product
  • This one would be the best one for those who want to have cost effective QR code scanning services
  • If you want a scanning service that can read a greater distance from the bar code then you can spend slightly more on a mid range QR code scanning service providers
  • These scanners would scan bar codes at a faster rate

Cordless Scanning

  • This kind of QR scanning processes without wires
  • Two main options are available for cordless scanning and they are Bluetooth or Wireless LAN (WLAN 802.11b/g)
  • Short range cordless scanning can enhance staff performance in retails
  • It is quite good in working on the shop floor or help stock takes or checks in warehouses
  • The cordless scanning uses Bluetooth and works over a short range and the highest distance would be 100M without interruption from obstructions
  • The Bluetooth QR code scanning services are of lower cost due to a shorter range typically up to 15M that also vary as per the presence of obstructions. The range can further be extend up to 100M on more expensive scanners
  • They use Wireless LAN works over a company’s wireless network and these scanners typically utilise 802.11b/g standards
  • WLAN scanning services have a longer range (from 30 – 100M).

Omni Directional Scanning

  • These kind of QR code scanners are most commonly used in retail applications popularly in Epos systems in shops and supermarkets
  • Omni Directional scanning enables the cashier to scan the product from multiple angles that decreases the time spent on scanning

2 Dimensional (2D) Scanning

  • These kind of services are used when a bar code is required to incorporate more than just a product number
  • Using this kind of scanning will hold customers address details or more details about a product such as name, weight, type, etc.

Bar code Verifiers

  • For suppliers to retail businesses, these QR Code verifiers are very significant especially in supermarkets
  • If bar codes provided by suppliers do not provide a good reading then suppliers can be fined large amounts and that is why use of these verifiers are very important
  • By using these verifiers either on the production line or in testing departments, the coding can be effectively scanned and if needed, production of those products can be impeded for correcting the label printing

The Paytm QR scanner revolves around the key idiosyncrasies mentioned in all the aforestated QR coding and ensures great functionality in receiving or sending payments with utmost ease.

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