Is There a Right Way to Fight Addiction?

Is There a Right Way to Fight Addiction

For most people, the realization that it is time to break the cycle of years of alcohol abuse, you may wonder where to turn. You may also wonder what difference it will make in your life. Simply put, when you quit drinking, you will feel much better. Your body will be able to reverse the damage caused by years of alcohol abuse and the toxins that build up in your body. You will feel revitalized, and your organ systems will function better.

When you initially stop drinking, you may feel physical and mental discomfort. You may suffer from some withdrawal symptoms that are less than ideal until the alcohol, and the toxins that are in it work their way out of your system. While everyone has their own way of fighting addiction, Naples alcoholics anonymous wants to ensure that you don’t try to fight addiction alone.

There is no right way

There is no prescribed way to fight addiction. Everyone fights a different battle, even if they are fighting against the same substance. The only guaranteed method of recovering is to build a support system. This support system can be made up of family and friends, people you meet at alcoholics anonymous, or a support system that you piece together of people you have met through your recovery process. Just make sure that each and every member of your support system has your recovery in mind, and does not tempt you to go back to old habits.

You Will Need to Put in Effort to Remain Sober

Getting sober is only half of the struggle. You will need to put in regular effort to remain sober. This is a major life change and it is not easy for anyone. Just because you stop drinking does not mean you will stay sober automatically. You will need to talk about your recovery and find support. Talk about your struggles and seek advice from people who have already fought through the trials you are currently facing. This will help ensure that the changes you are making are permanent.

Develop New Lifestyle Habits

Finding habits to replace the ones that lead you drinking in the first place is the most recommended method to quit drinking. You will need to develop coping strategies and you will need something to replace that void.

Many recovering alcoholics find it beneficial to add an exercise program to their daily routine. They also find that recovery is easier if they focus on repairing their financial situation instead of focusing on the difficulties they face financially.

Seek Help for Depression

A lot of people face depression before they start drinking. A lot of recovering alcoholics find that they suffered from untreated depression, before, or around the time they started drinking. Seeking help, and effectively treating depression can dramatically improve the results experienced by a recovering alcoholic.

Don’t Hide Your Recovery

By hiding your recovery from those around you, you may find they put additional pressure on you to continue drinking. If you are open about your recovery efforts, you will find that people are more supportive of your efforts, and they will make an open effort to avoid bringing alcohol around you. This can make a dramatic improvement in your recovery efforts.

Take Pride in Small Steps

Take pride and reward yourself for small steps in your recovery process. You are undergoing a life change and in order to make it a permanent life change, you have to take the time to find the joy in every small milestone you achieve. Don’t put yourself down for small stumbles. Instead, surround yourself with additional support.

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