Qatar: Businessman wants 4,000 dairy cows to be delivered by air

Businessman wants 4,000 dairy cows to be delivered by air

A Qatari businessman is considering importing 4,000 dairy cows to compensate for a possible shortage of milk following the embargo (illustration). – SEBASTIEN BOZON AFP

Four thousand  cows will be flown to Qatar by air. Never seen. Moutaz Al Khayyat, president of Power International Holding, is the originator of this initiative. The Qatari businessman thus intends to fight against the milk shortage looming in his country, following the blockade imposed by his neighbors of the Gulf.

A solution to the embargo that targets Qatar

Until then, Qatar had imported dairy products from Saudi Arabia. But on June 5, Saudi Arabia , Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt and the Maldives announced that they were breaking their diplomatic relations with Qatar, which they accuse of supporting terrorism. This break in relations is accompanied by an embargo. Problematic for this country which depends on 90% of imports, notesFrancetvinfo .

A large farm like 70 football fields

To transport cattle from Australia and the United States, Qatari chartered 60 aircraft from Qatar Airways reported Bloomberg . This is the largest cattle transport ever carried out by the air.

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Once they arrive on Qatar soil, the animals will join a huge farm located 50 km from Doha, with an area equivalent to 70 football fields. The businessman, whose company built the country’s largest shopping center, had already planned to bring cows by boat. But he had to revisit his strategy because of the embargo.

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An estimated cost of € 8 million

The cost of transporting these 4,000 cows is estimated at eight million euros, five times more than shipments. After a short installation period, fresh milk production should start at the end of June and cover a third of national needs by mid-July.

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