Qatar: Faced with the risk of food shortages, the astonishing idea of ​​this businessman

Qatar: Faced with the risk of food shortages

The country, accused of supporting terrorism, has seen its diplomatic ties with many countries crumble.

Faced with the food shortage in Qatar, this businessman has chosen the great means

INTERNATIONAL- Many cows face the risk of scarcity. While many countries broke diplomatic ties in early June with Qatar , accused of supporting “terrorism, ” the blockade organized by neighboring countries threatens food imports from the emirate.

Qatar, one of the richest countries with gas and oil, is heavily dependent on these imports to meet the food needs of its people. That is why a Qatari businessman, Moutaz Al Khayyat, president of Power International Holding, decided to launch the resistance by bringing 4000 cows from the United States and Australia to counter the shortage of fresh milk. The cattle will be transported by air and it will take up to 60 flights from Qatar Airways to deliver them, reports Bloomberg .

Product shortages

The isolation of Qatar, which began on June 5, forced the country to open new trade routes to import food, building materials and equipment for its natural gas industry. The central bank said domestic and international transactions were functioning normally, Bloomberg said .

According to the agency, Turkish dairy products have been transported, and Iranian fruits and vegetables are supposed to arrive. The signs in the colors of the Qatar flag were placed next to the dairy products in the shops. A sign suspended from the ceiling indicated: “Together for the support of local products”.

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